Location: Anchorage

Membership Sales Manager


Do you like working out and have good sales skills? Do you want to take your career in fitness to the next level with a company that has been around for a long time and has a good name? Do you want to work at an “office” where you can get a free, high-tech workout before you leave for the day! If so, continue reading!

SRVC Staffing Agency is looking to hire a full-time Membership Sales Manager.

This Membership Sales Manager job pays a competitive hourly wage, plus there are opportunities for commission and bonuses.


As a membership sales manager, you lead and motivate your team to ensure that our club visitors enjoy an exceptional experience. Follow-up conversations with guests and team members provide information about the team’s performance. You set an example via your manufacturing efforts. Directly reporting to the Director of Membership, you manage all areas of your club’s membership staff to ensure that we deliver excellent service in an inspirational atmosphere.

You mentor team members via one-on-one and team sessions, during which you answer technical and procedural issues, provide constructive criticism, and provide frequent chances for professional growth. You watch all areas of the sales process regularly to guarantee quality control. Under your outstanding leadership, your team is driven to offer visitors and new members the most pleasing possible experience. You also help with the recruitment and training of new departmental team members. Through recruiting, training, and coaching, you assist your staff in achieving their monthly sales targets and your club’s.

In addition to engaging with customers, you spend time inputting data and managing schedules on a computer. You’re thrilled to be a part of such an inspiring initiative that directly improves people’s lives!

Interested Candidates can apply here on our website srvcstaffing.com or send their cover letter and resume to recruit@srvcstaffing.com.

Fitness Consultant

We at SRVC Staffing Agency take pride in being leaders in delivering health and fitness solutions across Alaska. We seek to provide outstanding service and are dedicated to improving Alaskans’ lives by upholding our core principles of honesty, quality service, convenience, safety, and community participation.

Job role: Fitness Consultant
Job Overview:

In this position, you will work closely with our members to assess their fitness objectives, establish a baseline for their fitness level, and set them up with the most appropriate personal training program. A monthly personal training sales target is something you’ll have to meet.

The right candidate will have:

  • A clear passion for fitness
  • Excellent communication skills and an outgoing personality
  • Sales and/or customer service experience

Interested Candidates can apply here on our website srvcstaffing.com or send their cover letter and resume to recruit@srvcstaffing.com.