Correctional Officer 2

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  • $29.36 - $44.04 Hourly USD / Year
  • Salary: $29.36 - $44.04 Hourly

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Are you looking to add to your existing law enforcement or prison experience?

Want a career that’s both challenging and fulfilling?

Throughout the State, the Department of Corrections is hiring for various Correctional Officer 2 jobs.

If you have already applied for a job as a correctional officer, there is no need to do so again since this posting is open for ongoing recruiting.

In addition to getting 11 paid holidays each year, correctional officers additionally receive up to 16 days of paid leave during their first two years of work, with the amount rising after that dependent on years of service.

This job posting is for an 84-hour work week with a “week on/week off” schedule that alternates between “day shifts” and “night shifts.”

Depending on the region and vacancy rates, the chosen applicants may be eligible for moving and relocation benefits.

What you will be doing:

Correctional Officers 2 perform various administrative, operational, and educational duties to support the safety and security of adult correctional facilities, staff, and inmates. They also perform security duties among prisoners in an adult correctional institution or facility.

Newly recruited correctional officers will attend a six-week correctional officer academy during their probationary term. Officers will acquire the Correctional Officer Certificate from the Alaska Police Standards Council (APSC) after successfully completing the training and probationary period.

The working environment you may expect is:

You’ll be employed by a jail or prison (links to each facility below). Correctional Facilities are open every day of the year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some facilities may mandate mandatory overtime.

Who we are looking for:

To be successful in the position, a candidate will need the following core competencies:

  • Ability to follow oral and written instructions, knowledge of business software, and effectively communicate required information;
  • Ability to learn and apply techniques of self-defense, firearms, appropriate force to protect oneself / others and act quickly in emergencies, including diffusing conflicts by utilizing sound judgment; and
  • Ability to read and comprehend statutes, regulations, and procedures, apply them to specific situations, and explain procedures and requirements to the public, others, and the inmate population.

To truly excel in this position, a candidate will have or develop the following competencies:

  • Assist with maintaining order and discipline, operate security control room, learn and apply techniques of handling unruly and violent prisoners, using the minimum force necessary, in resolving situations, and routine security checks and inspections; and
  • Assist in creating and maintaining an atmosphere conducive to the rehabilitation of prisoners.


A full criminal history check is required for all applicants.



Minimum Qualifications

Successful completion of the Alaska Correctional Officer Academy, or equivalent program accredited by the Alaska Police Standards Council
One year of experience learning and performing duties which support the custody, security, and rehabilitation of prisoners in an adult correctional institution. The required experience is met by service as a Correctional Officer 1 with the State of Alaska or the equivalent elsewhere.

Special Note:
Appointment to Correctional Officer 2 is conditional, pending successful completion of a thorough background investigation, psychological evaluation, drug screening, and medical examination.

Possess a valid driver’s license issued within the United States at time of appointment.

Some positions may require possession of a Commercial Driver’s License with appropriate endorsements issued within the United States.

Employees must be willing to work shift assignments and on-call availability may be required.

Individuals not continuously employed since February 9, 1991, by the State of Alaska Department of Corrections in a “correctional officer,” “probation officer,” or “parole officer” position, as defined by 13 AAC 85.900, are subject to requirements established by Alaska Police Standards Council (APSC). As a condition of continued employment, these individuals must obtain a basic correctional officer certificate issued by the APSC within 14 months of hire.

Any employment action that resulted in discharge, resignation in lieu of discharge, or discipline, must be disclosed at the time of application to vacancies within this classification. Applicants who fail to provide this information will be deemed to be ineligible for interview or further consideration. Applicants with an employment action that makes them ineligible for certification under APSC regulations will be ineligible to receive an interview or further consideration.

For purposes of the minimum qualifications for this job class, “misdemeanor” means:
1)  A crime classified as a misdemeanor in Alaska at the time the crime was committed.
2)  A crime committed in another jurisdiction for which there was a conviction in that jurisdiction by a civilian or military court is a “misdemeanor” conviction if the crime has elements similar to those of a misdemeanor under Alaska law at the time the offense was committed.
3) An offense punishable as a misdemeanor in Alaska or under the law of another jurisdiction, that results in a completed suspended imposition of sentence, expungement of record, or a pardon, is considered a “misdemeanor” conviction unless the offense was committed by the person before the age of 21.

A qualified applicant may not:
Have been convicted of any felony or a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence by a civilian court of Alaska, the United States, another state or territory, or by a military court.

Have been convicted during the past ten (10) years by a civilian court of Alaska, the United States, another state or territory, or by a military court of a crime of dishonesty or moral turpitude, of a crime that resulted in serious physical injury to another person, or of two or more driving under the influence offenses.

Have illegally manufactured, transported, or sold a controlled substance during the past 10 years, provided you were under 21 years of age at the time.

Have illegally used a Schedule IA, IIA, IIIA, IVA, or VA controlled substance during the past 5 years, provided you were at least 21 years of age at the time.

Have used marijuana during the last year, provided you were at least 21 years of age at the time.

Have been denied certification by the Alaska Police Standards Council or the responsible certifying agency in any other issuing jurisdiction unless the denial, revocation, or surrender has been rescinded by the council under 13 AAC 85.270 or by the responsible certifying agency of the issuing jurisdiction.

Have ever used a controlled substance while employed as a certifiable municipal, state, federal peace officer, correctional officer, adult probation officer, or military law enforcement officer.

Additional Required Information

The Department of Corrections follows and maintains federal and state requirements standards including, but not limited to, Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) standards which apply to all public and private institutions that house adult or juvenile offenders. PREA standards preclude the department from hiring or promoting anyone who has engaged in, or been convicted of any conduct which would violate PREA standards related to sexual assault including:

  • Sexual abuse in a prison, jail, lockup, community confinement facility, juvenile facility, or other institution;
  • Convicted of engaging or attempting to engage in sexual activity in the community facilitated by force, overt or implied threats of force, or coercion, or if the victim did not consent or was unable to consent or refuse; or
  • Has been civilly or administratively adjudicated to have engaged in the activity described above.

If post-secondary education is required to meet the minimum qualifications, you must fill in the Education section of the application. If you have not obtained a degree, please indicate the number of units completed. Copies of transcripts are required to verify educational credentials if used to meet the minimum qualifications for a position. Transcripts can be attached at the time of application or provided at the time of interview, at the discretion of the hiring manager.

Education completed in foreign colleges, universities, or high schools may be used to meet the minimum qualifications listed above. If utilizing this education, you must show that the education credentials have been submitted to a private organization that specializes in interpretation of foreign educational credentials and that such education has been deemed to be at least equivalent to that gained in conventional U.S. education programs; or an accredited U.S. post-secondary institution reports the other institution as one whose transcript is given full value, or full value is given in subject areas applicable to the curricula at the post-secondary institution or high school.  It is your responsibility to provide such evidence when applying.

If using work experience in your Applicant Profile, you must also provide the employer name, your job title, dates of employment, and whether full or part-time. Applicant Profiles will be reviewed to determine if the responses are supported and Minimum Qualifications are clearly met. If they are not, the applicant may not advance to the interview and selection phase of the recruitment.

This position requires the use or possession of a firearm or ammunition. In accordance with the federal Omnibus Consolidated Appropriations Act of 1997 (PL 104-208), if you have been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence, you may not hold this position.

A “misdemeanor crime of domestic violence” is an offense that is (1) a misdemeanor under Federal or state law; and (2) has, as an element, the use or attempted use of physical force, or the threatened use of a deadly weapon, committed by a current or former spouse, parent, or guardian of the victim, by a person with whom the victim shares a child in common, by a person who is cohabiting with or has cohabited with the victim as a spouse, parent, or guardian, or by a person similarly situated to a spouse, parent, or guardian of the victim.

If you have ever been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence, do NOT apply for this position.

Please be aware – this position requires the use of the Alaska Public Safety Information Network (APSIN)/Alaska Corrections Offender Management System (ACOMS).  A security clearance issued by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) is necessary to use APSIN/ACOMS.  DPS will deny security clearance for any applicant who has been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor in this state or another jurisdiction, or who may be a fugitive from justice.  Additionally, security clearance will be withdrawn if DPS discovers that material information was falsified or omitted at the time of the initial application for security clearance.

All Department of Corrections employees is required to be fingerprinted. The successful candidate must pass a criminal history check.

This recruitment may be used for more than one (1) vacancy. The applicant pool acquired during this recruitment may be used for future vacancies for up to ninety (90) days after this recruitment closes. Interested applicants are encouraged to apply to each recruitment notice to ensure consideration for all vacancies.

Questions regarding the application process can be directed to the Workplace Alaska hotline at 800-587-0430 (toll free) or (907) 465- 4095. If you choose to be contacted by email, please ensure your email address is correct on your application and that the spam filter will permit email from the ‘’ domains. For information on allowing emails from the ‘’ domains, visit the Lost Password Help page located at

The State of Alaska complies with Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Individuals with disabilities, who require accommodation, auxiliary aides or services, or alternative communication formats, please call 1-800-587-0430 or (907) 465-4095 in Juneau or TTY: Alaska Relay 711 or 1-800-770-8973 or correspond with the Division of Personnel & Labor Relations at: P.O. Box 110201, Juneau, AK 99811-0201. The State of Alaska is an equal opportunity employer.

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